Originally published at Forward Progressives

Many politicians disgust me, but Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) takes things to another level as one of the biggest scumbags in Congress. That may seem harsh to some, especially considering we haven’t heard much about him since 2012, but allow me to explain.

This is a man who’s built a career speaking out against big government spending, and champions himself a “true small government fiscal conservative.” The problem is, he’s completely full of crap.

Before I cover a few items from his political career which proudly display his hypocrisy about government spending, I’d like to give a little background on the man himself. You see, Ryan had the unfortunate fate of losing his father as a teen – a teen who attended a public high school, by the way. However, this tragic event led to a 16-year-old Paul Ryan receiving Social Security benefits until his 18th birthday. Ryan then saved these Social Security benefits (yes, that same Social Security which he has called a Ponzi scheme) to help pay for his education at Miami University (a publicly funded university by the way).

Though he worked summers during school as a salesman for Oscar Mayer, Paul Ryan’s entire career has been spent as a politician, or working for one in various jobs or internships. Yes, the man who has built a career preaching small government went to public school, used Social Security benefits to pay for his college degree and has spent his entire adult life working for the government. The man who champions the greatness of the private sector, and beats his drum on the evils of government, has never really held a job in the private sector – but he’s made quite a life for himself as a government employee.

Now, moving on to a few items from his career as a politician.

First, let me shred this ridiculous notion that he’s a “fiscally responsible hero.” Paul Ryan:

And none of these even touches the approximately two trillion dollars in defense spending he’s supported during his time in Congress.

This man is the definition of a hypocrite. He’s someone who went to public school as a minor, used Social Security money to pay for his college degree where he went to a publicly funded university, has made a career as a government employee and voted for bills that have added trillions to our national debt – yet has the gall to champion himself as a small government, fiscally conservative hero.





Originally published at Forward Progressives